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Considering A New Website?

Hold Up A Moment

If you’re considering a new website, chances are you need to slow down and get ready first. Why?

Because you probably have work to do before you’re ready to get value from your investment.

Let’s Test This Assumption

See if you can answer these basic marketing questions with simple one-line answers.

Ask yourself why am I building this site?

  • What are my success criteria?
  • What conversion rates are necessary to reach my financial goals?
  • Who are my ideal clients?
  • What core problem do I solve for ideal clients?
  • What does my client’s purchase process look like?
  • How do my clients seek help on Google and Bing?
  • Who are my primary competitors?
  • What is my primary competitive advantage?
  • What is my lead offer to first-time clients?
  • Do I have a brand identity kit developed?
  • How do I intend to generate traffic to my website?
  • What is my maximum cost to acquire a new client?
  • How will I respond, track and follow-up on sales inquiries?
  • How do I measure marketing investments?

If you answered each question clearly and confidently, good job; you’re ready to move forward.

However, if you found it difficult to answer these questions, park your website project until you’re clear and confident in your answers.

Consider seeking help from a marketing coach or consultant before you start down the website development path.

By getting ready first, you’ll save a bundle on your website project, and more importantly, you’ll end up with a website designed to support your client’s needs and your business’s needs, instead of building a useless brochure website.

About the Author

John is the president of Accrue and the author of Being Profitable. John’s been consulting since 1993, helping entrepreneurs start and grow companies. John was the VP Strategy at Rare Method Interactive and President of Advanced Information Marketing. John is a sales and marketing coach and consultant who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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