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Performance optimisation is how you measure and improve the economic performance of your sales and marketing investments. The process is as much about philosophy and practice as it is about art and technology.

It starts with understanding your sales economics, and your customer’s lifetime value. Then you establish a set of key performance indicators (KPIs), targets and actuals for each KPI.  Your approach will vary depending on the scale of your marketing and traffic volumes. The larger your spend, the more assertive you can be with optimisation efforts. What’s important is the shift in thinking required to treat marketing as an ongoing exercise in performance optimisation.

Our role is to help you continually improve your marketing investment performance.

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Random Acts of Marketing

Where you try this and that, hoping for the best.


Systematic Marketing

Where you chose carefully and then make it work.

Wherever you’re investing money on business development, with a target return on investment, you’ll want to optimise performance to increase your return. The more costly and higher risk involved, the greater the opportunity for performance optimisation. The most common areas to focus on are sales, advertising, social media, SEO and networking, but it works on almost anything, once you understand the process. Our role is to help you gain control over your marketing investments.

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