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If you’ve ever tried drumming up business through direct selling, you know how challenging, time-consuming and costly it can be.

What online sales lead generation is about is helping people find you and then buy from you, at least partially online. The process is often called inbound marketing, but jargon aside it’s about getting the phone to ring versus you beating the bushes for business.

The online process shares many things in common with a traditional professional sales process. The main difference is the front-end work is happening online supported by a virtual sales representative.

Think of it like building an online relationship development pipeline or assembly line. The approach is systematic and transparent and highly controlled. It’s also very cost-effective relative to the human alternatives.

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The advantages to using a cyber salesperson are significant and varied. But the most significant advantage is cost; the 24/7 nature of the web and the control you have over refining your sales and follow-up process are huge.

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