Is Your Website Up-To-Date And Secure?

When's The Last Time Anyone Touched It?

Website Maintenance Services

Make It Fast, Secure and Tracking Properly

When You Need Your Website To Work

Why Keep Your Website Up-to-date?

The simple answer is because hackers target small business websites as easy targets to exploit. A website with out-of-date software is easy to hack into. Once in, your customer data is at risk.  Your site can be used to send spam emails, to distribute malware, viruses, damage your reputation and send you scrambling to recover.

You Can’t Ignore Your Website Anymore.

Perpetual security updates, software fixes and regular software updates mean, you need to maintain your website monthly or at the very least quarterly to keep it safe.

Are You Maintaining Your Website?

As a small business owner, it’s challenging to keep up, and it’s wishful thinking to assume your hosting provider is updating and maintaining your site for you. Don’t expect your in-house people to be on-top-of-everything either.

Get Help With Your Website Maintenance

Keeping a website up-to-date is more complicated and multi-disciplinary than you realise. Even if you’ve not touched your website in years, we’ll help you bring your site back up-to-par and address whatever issues we find. Once your site is up-to-date, we’ll work with you to set up a maintenance schedule that makes sense for you.

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