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If you’ve been ignoring your website, hoping no news is good news, it’s time to stop. Small business websites are magnets for hackers. They are easy targets because they’re not updated regularly.

You put yourself and your clients at risk. An unsecured website will get used to distribute emails, malware and viruses. At some point, it’ll get replaced with something vile and embarrassing.

With a steady stream of updates and security patches released weekly, you can no longer afford to neglect your website maintenance.

We’ve prepared a series of eBooks to help small business owners get clear on what they need and how to take control of their marketing investments. Please take a minute and check out our Free eBooks to learn more.

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We’ll Help You Make The Shift


Ignoring Your Website

Where your host runs backups, but little else.


Maintaining Your Website

Where you patch, secure and update the site to keep the bad guys out.

Fortunately, maintaining your website does not require a big decision or expense. You simply engage us to look after it for you.

Many sites need very little attention each month to keep them updated. What you need will depend on the complexity of your site, how often it’s updated and the role it plays in your business.

To avoid a pound of cure with an ounce of prevention, call us, we’ll be happy to help you. Most often there’s a little work up front to catch you up and then a small monthly routine to keep on top of things.

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