Sales And Marketing Support For Agricultural Businesses

Commercialization Readiness

Commercialization Readiness

Marketing For Ag and AgTech

Are You Selling Direct Or Developing Distribution?

How you market and drive sales depends on what you produce, who you’re selling to and how.  Are you selling local, direct online or developing consumer products for retail or overseas distribution? Your sales and marketing strategy needs to reflect your unique situation, target markets and goals.

You’ve got to understand your target audience, speak to their needs and manage all the steps and layers between you and your customers.

Selling Online

More and more, the internet has you in direct contact with customers. The challenge is how best to manage the process and drive sales.

Where To Focus?

You’re likely dealing with the entire sales and marketing spectrum. Simultaneously you’re likely engaged in packaging, direct account-based sales and channel development, eCommerce, online marketplaces and more. And if you’re not, you soon will be. The challenge is where to focus for the greatest effect?

This is where a sales and marketing coach is useful. Their first job is to help you focus, make a plan, get set up and organized to manage the process efficiently.

Where To Start?

If anyone needs good systems and processes to manage sales and marketing, it’s you.  We invite you to explore our 8-step system development process. If you browse through the 8-step sequence, you’ll appreciate what’s involved. You’ll likely recognize where you are, and zero in on where we can be of greatest assistance.


Starting Points To Consider