Marketing For Artists and Artisans

Learning How To Sell

Learning How To Sell

Marketing For Artists And Artisans

Make A Good Living As An Artist

The Challenge

There is nothing glamorous about being a starving artist. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to sell your work. However, the fact that it is easier to sell means you have global competition for almost everything.

The business of being an artisan means, in addition to mastering your craft, you need to become a writer, a photographer, an internet marketer, social media expert, a salesperson and a savvy business owner.

What If You Had A Plan And Help?

What if you had a plan and a team to help you get over the eCommerce learning curve and to assist you with catalogue development, product photos, high-resolution colour managed art reproduction photography, SEO and more?

What if your team guided and assisted you in setting up and operating your marketing program with a focus on sales and earnings growth? What if they worked with you, a little-at-a-time, moving step-by-step, at a manageable pace? Would sales and marketing be more accessible?

Where To Start?

If you’re serious about making a living as an artist, explore our 8-step sales and marketing system development process below. It’ll show you the steps involved in developing a selling system for your business.┬áThen browse our free marketing resources. There are 18 free marketing eBooks and over 40 articles on our blog and our book, Mastering Marketing which offers a comprehensive road map for the marketing and business development process.

Starting Points To Consider