Guiding Your Own Journey Through Your Business

Guiding Your Own Journey

Your journey to become your customer’s guide is the back half of your Earnings Growth Program. 

Unfortunately, your client gets to have all the fun, and you get to do all the work. But since you’re the one getting paid, it all works out. An easy way to understand your role and your job is to visit a Disney theme park or to take a Disney Cruise. They do a masterful job of crafting your experience and developing fans out of strangers. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete reference example.

Why, because Disney takes their role as guide seriously. They set out to shape your experience, and they don’t leave much unscripted or unmeasured. This experience shaping is your opportunity as well. You get to script and control your client’s experience in the now and in the long-term.

To aid you on your path, we’ve created a roadmap to follow. The roadmap is what we call our 20 Ways of Being. It’s a series of 20 marketing leadership conversations. The 20 Ways are grouped to support the three legs of your journey. These three legs are Design, Build and Grow. If you chose to Make The Shift to Earnings Growth, we invite you to use the 20 Ways to navigate your own journey.

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If you’re curious to learn more about Ways of Being, follow the link for an introductory article to get you started.