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Guiding Your Own Path Through Your Business

It's How You Develop Your Earnings Growth Program


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Accrue is a marketing company in Calgary, Alberta. More specifically, we’re a sales and marketing coaching and consulting firm for the owners of start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses.  Learn more About Accrue Marketing.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m John Watson with Accrue Marketing.

If you’re ready to Make The Shift and guide clients through your business, you need to guide your own path as well.

You need to ask yourself:

  • Who do we need to be to reach, engage, enroll and retain clients?
  • How will we operate?
  • What controls will we need?
  • What sequence do we need to follow?

We’ve been asking these questions for 20 years. So we developed a marketing leadership roadmap called The 20 Ways of Being. It’s a sequence of 20 leadership conversations, split into 3 legs of your journey.

The 3 legs are Design, Build and Grow.

The Design Stage is about defining your business.
The Build Stage is about setting up your sales and marketing infrastructure.
The Grow Stage is about developing client relationships.

Each of the 20 conversations invites you to master a core aspect of business development. Each conversation builds on the last, from foundation to roof. The 20 ways serve as your roadmap for growing your business. Its also serves as a diagnostic framework for uncovering problems and improving performance.

After decades of development, we’re excited we’ll be publishing our book that introduces our 20 Ways of Being roadmap in 2020.

As a first step, read this article on Ways of Being,  it describes what they are and how they work in your life and business.

About the Author

John Watson is the president of Accrue Performance Marketing. John is a sales and marketing coach and consultant who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He's consulted to start-ups, business owners and corporate executives since 1993. John's an active content creator with a passion for writing, photography, digital marketing and data.

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