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Guiding Your Own Path Through Your Business


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Video Transcript

Hi I’m John Watson with Accrue Marketing [3].

If you’re ready to Make The Shift and guide clients through your business, you need to guide your own path as well.

You need to ask yourself:

We’ve been asking these questions for 20 years. So we developed a marketing leadership roadmap called The 20 Ways of Being. It’s a sequence of 20 leadership conversations, split into 3 legs of your journey.

The 3 legs are Design, Build and Grow.

The Design Stage [4] is about defining your business.
The Build Stage [5] is about setting up your sales and marketing infrastructure.
The Grow Stage [6] is about developing client relationships.

Each of the 20 conversations invites you to master a core aspect of business development. Each conversation builds on the last, from foundation to roof. The 20 ways serve as your roadmap for growing your business. Its also serves as a diagnostic framework for uncovering problems and improving performance.

After decades of development, we’re excited we’ll be publishing our book that introduces our 20 Ways of Being roadmap in 2020.

As a first step, read this article on Ways of Being [7],  it describes what they are and how they work in your life and business.