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How Resilient Are You?

Are you feeling under attack from a constant barrage of upsets and challenges in your business? You need to increase your resilience, says Dr Sharon Galor.

Dr Galor posted an article in YFS Magazine on how to become more resilient as an entrepreneur.  In reading her article, I found her insights and advice highly relatable and relevant to anyone considering self-employment or who’s already living the life of an entrepreneur.

I’ve been a consultant for 25 years and I have owned 3 companies along the way.  I’ve gone through health scares, floods, audits and seemingly endless opportunities for personal growth. I can attest to the need for resilience.  I remember when I first started as an entrepreneur I felt as though I was under constant attack.  It took a lot of personal and professional development before I learned to re-frame the so-called attacks as “the next round of growth opportunities”.  Without developing resiliency, I would not have lasted long.

Dr Galor does a nice job of outlining the learning agenda, breaking it down into 6 steps:

  1. Recognize your strengths
  2. Learn from past experiences
  3. Make contingency plans
  4. Challenge negative feelings
  5. Confront challenging situations
  6. Identify and strengthen your shortcomings

The question for you is how are you going to take this learning on? Will it be through trial-by-fire, through self-development books and classes, or by hiring a business coach? I’ve engaged in all of these in my quest for resilience, and they all contribute.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and constantly under attack, consider Dr Galor’s advice and create more resilience in your life and business. Consider taking action now by reading her thought-provoking article. Another alternative is to consider engaging a coach to help you reframe upsets as opportunities.

6 Ways To Become A More Resilient Entrepreneur — YFS Magazine: Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture [1] The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties is an important life skill. Resilience embodies problem-solving, emotional regulation, thought challenging, and assertiveness skills. These skills help us cope with adversity and its aftermath.

When we develop resilience we are able to overcome daily hassles, major setbacks, negative life events and trauma. Although quite simple, these six tips can make a profound impact on your approach to life, and ultimately boost your resilience.