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Why Should Anyone Support You?

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Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations

It’s About Reaching, Engaging, Enrolling and Retaining Supporters


Are You Feeling A Little Overwhelmed By Marketing?

With everyone online and surfing mobile devices, marketing tactics have changed. The good news is the fundamentals of marketing have not changed, and they are still the secret to stretching your not-for-profit dollars.

The most common challenge we experience is what we refer to as Random Acts of Marketing. It’s a focus on activities and tactics, without a clear sense of how those activities are going to produce results.

Charities and not-for-profits organisations rarely have the resources to waste in this manner. You need to be strategic, systematic and defensible in your approach to fundraising, constituent engagement and retention. This is especially true, given the intangible and conceptual nature of what you’re selling, and your need to foster long-term relationships with sponsors, donors and volunteers.

If you want more from your marketing investments, we’ve prepared a series of Free eBooks on different aspects of marketing. They are concise, non-technical and focused on what you need to know to shift your thinking.

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