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Why Should Anyone Support You?

Is Your Message Clear and Powerful?

Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations

It’s About Reaching, Engaging, Enrolling and Retaining Supporters


Marketing Leadership For Not For Profits

Just like any other small organization, you need your marketing to work. What’s different is you are selling an idea. You have only your mission, vision and reputation to reach, engage, enroll and develop supporters. What drives support and loyalty is who you’re being as an organisation and how you communicate your vital work. It’s easy to lose sight of your core message when you’re trudging along the fundraising treadmill.

The need for marketing leadership and a systematic approach is much more important to you than most because at the end of the day, your mission is all you’re selling. You’re either reaching and inspiring people to volunteer, sponsor and donate or you’re in trouble. If you’re not efficient and effective in your marketing you’re under considerable scrutiny for your use of funds.

What Do You Do?

You need to be strategic, systematic and defensible in your approach to fundraising, constituent engagement and retention. What this boils down to is marketing leadership. With so many tactics to focus on, it is easy to get sucked in a vortex of random acts of fundraising.

Where To Start?

We’ve prepared a series of Free eBooks on different aspects of marketing and marketing leadership. They are concise, non-technical and focused on what you need to know to be effective and productive. For a more holistic view of the marketing and organizational development process read Mastering Marketing: Leading A Journey Of Becoming.

If you like what you read, we offer a Free Initial Consultation to help get you started.


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