Are You Ingoring Your Customer Data?

Improving Planning And Performance

Improving Planning And Performance

Customer Analysis and Research

Improve Planning and Operational Performance

Customer data analysis is about using your client and transaction data for strategic purposes. Your data may be a goldmine, but you need to know how to access it and put it to use.

Four reasons to analyse your customer data:

  1. for reporting on KPIs and improving operational performance
  2. to recognize patterns and support strategic planning
  3. to segment customers into actionable groups
  4. to connect with people for feedback and promotional purposes

The main goal of customer analysis is to enable you with insights and opportunities.

Customer Research

 Customer research falls into four broad categories:

  • Market research involves accessing third-party data to understand your clients and the demographics of your trade area.
  • Customer reviews and feedback – where you’re asking for feedback on how well you meet client expectations.
  • Performance assessments – where you’re gauging performance against established metrics like net promoter score.
  • Exploratory research – where you interview clients by phone or video conference to elicit insights and ideas.

It’s common to deploy a combination of research methods and tactics to support strategic planning and performance improvement efforts.

How We Help

We’ll clarify your goals and evaluate the status of your data. Next, we guide you through the process of cleaning, enhancing, segmenting, analysing, and using your data for planning, continuous improvement, reputation and business development efforts.

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