Using Mission, Vision and Values To Craft Your Leadership Platform

What's Your Leadership Platform?

Defining Mission, Vision And Values

It’s Not Quaint, Or Only For Big Companies

Defining your mission, vision and values might sound quaint, but it’s far from it. It’s about establishing a clear sense of purpose or why; and its influence is felt far beyond your marketing program.

It’s Your Leadership Platform

It does not matter whether you’re a solopreneur or a company of thousands; you need a leadership platform if you want to move and inspire people to buy from you.

What Is A Leadership Platform?

Your leadership platform begins with shared values and a vision to live into, which creates a sense of purpose or mission. Shared values are core, but what defines a culture is how you express your values. You express your values through the people you hire, the culture you foster, your product design, your approach to business, and the systems and practices you install to deliver a choreographed customer experience.

Platforms Build Momentum

Like attracts like. Your platform attracts people who appreciate the same things you do. Attracting like-minded people is critical to growth. It applies to attracting staff, clients, investors and partners who buy into your mission.

Without a platform, you need to pitch, sell and incent versus enroll, inspire and empower.

How We Help

We facilitate you and your team through the leadership platform development and rollout process. A key deliverable is the key messaging used to help you express your purpose to internal and external stakeholder groups.

This work is the most powerful and inspiring work we’re involved in. It is without a doubt, the most enjoyable part of the marketing program development process.

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