Keep Prospects And Clients Engaged With eMail Marketing

Driving Sales And Developing Clients

Driving Sales And Developing Clients

Email Marketing

To Close Sales And Develop Clients

Email marketing has two key roles in a modern marketing program. The first is for automating sales lead follow-up. It’s your so-called drip marketing campaigns that keep prospects engaged post website visits. The second is to engage existing clients to drive repeat sales, cross-sales, reviews and referrals.

What’s Involved?

The first step in any campaign is clarifying objectives. The second requirement is getting names, email addresses and permission to promote. Then you need an email management system with an auto-responder and automation capabilities. After that, it’s all about the messaging and decision logic.

The challenge is less technical than determining how to string your offers and campaign logic together to drive sales without irritating people.

How We Help

We coach, consult and provide creative and technical support throughout the planning, development, setup and optimization of email campaigns.

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