Develop A Distinctive Identity For Your Business

Defining Your Pigeonhole

Develop Your Identity

Be Authentic And Instantly Recognizable

Identity development generally involves developing a name, URL, positioning line, logo, social media icon, iconic images, typography, colours, textures, your brand’s voice and more. Identity needs vary considerably depending on the type of business or product you’re developing.

Your Identity’s Purpose

The purpose of identity development is to make you instantly recognizable and position you clearly. You want to make a powerful first impression where people understand your unique value proposition. Visually, it’s about crafting a first impression with a look, feel, style and tone of your own.

Brand Definition and Key Messaging are part of your identity. Ideally, brand definition and key messaging get defined before crafting your look.

How We Help

Once you’ve completed the preliminary strategic work, we’ll help you create a stylish and functional visual identity. We’ll document a set of standards to follow in day-to-day use and prepare key design elements to help you implement your new look.

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