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Gaining Access And Credibility

Gaining Access And Credibility

Influencer Marketing

Is It Right For You?

Influencer marketing has grown into an enormous industry, and yet it’s still an unfamiliar and under-utilized tactic.

How Does It Work?

Influencer marketing involves finding, recruiting, supporting, and driving sales from the influencers’ base of followers.¬†Once you engage an influencer, they activate their followers who check you out and buy from you.¬†Influencers get paid via some combination of fees, product samples, and commissions, which you negotiate in advance.

How We Help

Our role is to determine if influencer marketing is a viable option for your business. If it is, you need to be prepared before approaching influencers. You’ll need a sales oriented website with a strong lead offer, with affiliate tracking, payment and management capabilities. Your site must convert visitor traffic to sales effectively or the influencer will not stick with the program.

We also prepare you to connect with influencers and work through the campaign setup and testing process.

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