Develope Your Key Sales Messaging

Are You Easy To Understand, Relevant And Compelling?

Key Sales Message Development

It’s About Creating Relevance And Interest

Are you establishing customer relevance and enrolling people in a captivating idea?

What Is Key Messaging

At the core of any sales, marketing or communication program are key messages. Their purpose is to sum up your story and value proposition powerfully. They are like the sound bites that frame political campaigns.

Your Marketing Vocabulary

Your key messaging includes a set of components that together become your company vocabulary. The components start with your name, URL and positioning line. It also includes your introductions, product names, slogans, and campaignable ideas and the stories that get shared and retold.

It’s about capturing and reinforcing your why and helping people categorize you correctly in their minds.

How We Help

Because your key messaging is a cornerstone of your corporate and product identity it needs to be well crafted. We’ll help you clarify your story and break it down into a set of effective messages that resonate, generate interest, and stick with people. Then we’ll show you where and how to use them.


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