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Increasing Engagement

Multimedia Content Creation

Video, Photography And Virtual Tours

There’s nothing quite like photography, video, and interactive media to draw people in, get them to engage and experience a bit of what you offer virtually. The challenge is the cost, complexity and learning curves involved.

Managing Cost And Complexity

The easiest way to control production costs is to not invest in things until you’re clear what you need and how you’ll use them. Video and animation are costly to produce and are quite often created without a clear sense of how they’ll be used. The same is true for photography and many similar projects. They often sound good, are ego affirming, but are otherwise useless.

Clarifying Objectives

You need to be clear on the intended audience, the message you need to deliver and how it’s going to fit into your sales and marketing program. Until you’re clear on these points, you’re not ready for production.

How We Help

We’re your content creation guide, production and distribution partner. We’re almost like having an in-house studio for day-to-day content creation. However, before we jump into production, we’ll make sure you’re ready to get value from the investment.

Our process involves story development, storyboarding, design and production planning. When you’re ready, we’ll help you evaluate production options.  Production options range from simple do-it-yourself projects to engaging speciality providers. The point is not to create content for the sake of creating content. The purpose is to solve a business problem with video, photography etc.

If you plan on generating a lot of multimedia content, we’ll help you set up an in-house content creation studio.

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