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Reputation Management

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They say feedback is the breakfast of champions, and there’s nothing more telling than what your customers and staff say about you. Online reviews have become crucial to the modern purchase process and a key means of competitor differentiation.

What’s Your Reputation Management Plan?

Are you sitting back and letting it happen, or are you proactively managing and cultivating your reputation?

The problem is, reviews show up everywhere. On Google, Facebook, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB), LinkedIn, Amazon, Glassdoor, and sites specific to your industry. Without a system to manage them, you’re either oblivious to the commentary or you’re reacting well after the fact.

How We Help

The first step is determining if you’re ready to worry about reputation management or if you’re still setting up to sell. If you are ready, you’ll want to know what people say and have a system to manage the process.

After that, you’re ready to get proactive and start managing your reputation and customer experience. There are several ways to take control and we’ll help you explore appropriate options such as online surveys, in-depth customer interviews, video testimonials, case studies and portfolio development.

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