Online Direct Response Campaigns And Landing Pages?

Building A Sales Mechanism

Building A Sales Mechanism

Sales Landing Pages

Online Direct Response Marketing Campaigns

An old school direct mail campaign is the closest equivalent to a modern sales landing page. They serve the same purpose; to convert prospects into leads and sales.

What Are Sales Landing Pages?

Sales landing pages are a bit of a misnomer. The name implies a single web page, but it’s more accurate to think of them as complete, standalone direct response campaigns.

These campaigns start with an offer hierarchy or a progressive sequence of offers and incentives the campaign is built around. A typical campaign kicks off with online advertising to generate visitors. Visitors click through and land on the Sales Landing Page, whose job is to turn an anonymous visitors into named leads and sales.

Once a visitor acts on an offer, an automated email sequence kicks in to further increase sales closure rates over time.

There Are Many Different Types

While most sales landing pages are consumer product-focused, the tactic is readily adapted for services and high-end business-to-business offers. The hard sales messaging gets replaced with a solution selling framework.

How We Help

If you’re looking to generate leads and drive sales from advertising, some form of sales landing page and follow-up sequence is essential. We’ll help you design, build, operate and optimize an effective campaign.

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