Considering Selling Through Online Marketplaces?

Enter The Sales Multiverse

Enter The Sales Multiverse

Selling On Marketplaces

Need Help Getting Started?

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy are often the best places to start selling online. The platforms are already built. The audience is already there. The shipping logistics are simplified, as are the payment processing and tax handling.

They Offer Clear Benefits

Marketplaces let you focus on products and promotion rather than building everything in-house. They are faster and easier with less upfront expense than building your own eCommerce website.

What’s The Tradeoff?

The main tradeoff is who owns the customer. With marketplaces, the customer belongs to the platform owner, keeping you transactional. You have little opportunity to build a customer community or create lifetime value. Marketplaces are all about sales volume and increasing cash flow.

How We Help

We’ll help you look at marketplaces objectively and determine if and where they fit into your plans. If you already have an eCommerce site, we’ll help you integrate your catalogue with the marketplace to expand your reach and increase sales.

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