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Helping People See Opportunity

Helping People See Opportunity

Business Storytelling

The Most Powerful Way To Connect With People

One of the most powerful ways to reach, engage and enroll people is through the power of storytelling.

What Is Storytelling?

Storytelling is not you telling your story. Storytelling is how you engage people in new ways of thinking and acting on compelling possibilities. It’s a way to share experiences and inspire people to take action. It’s about telling stories that help people appreciate the possibility you represent.

The How And Where Of Storytelling

The most common ways to tell stories include writing articles, press releases, speaking, Ted Talks, videos, podcasts, eBooks and real books. Most often, you share your stories online on your website, by email, on social platforms, through advertising or in the case of books and podcasts on Apple, Amazon and similar.

First Steps

The first step is determining if storytelling is right for you. If it is, you start by developing a content strategy where you map out how to make storytelling work for your business.

How We Help

The first thing we do is help you decide if storytelling is for you. Then we’ll walk you through your options and help you develop a plan and your first story. Depending on how you choose to proceed, we can assist you in several ways, from coaching you through the process to helping you get set up to do it yourself, to creating content with you.

We’ve also built an onsite content creation studio to make the process easier for small business owners to get into.

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