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Strategic Planning And Facilitation

Creating Clarity, Alignment And Commitment

It’s challenging enough for one person to get clear on their purpose, objectives, target audience, value proposition, and go-to-market strategy. Getting a large executive team on the same page requires skilful facilitation.

For over twenty years, we’ve coached, consulted, and facilitated startup founders and leadership teams through rigorous clarity-defining, consensus-building, and planning processes.

How It Works

How it works and the timeline depends on the number of participants involved, the scale of the company, and the level of formality required. We either coach the executive team through the process or run a series of facilitated planning sessions with larger groups of participants.

A typical strategic planning sequence involves: 

  1. Defining objectives
  2. Review of existing plans and data
  3. Supplemental research to address data gaps
  4. Data are consolidated into a strawman framework to support an executive facilitation
  5. We run a series of iterative sessions to lead the team through the planning process
  6. In each session, we address gaps and misalignments and work to complete the strawman documents
  7. Later sessions focus on ironing out misalignments, wordsmithing and addressing rollout logistics.
What You Get

You’ll get crystal clear on all aspects of your strategic plan. Perhaps the most important outcome is the sense of ownership and buy-in resulting from the group sessions.

If you’re looking to establish a solid foundation for your business development efforts, let’s discuss how to get you and your team on the same page.

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