Building Your First Business Website?

Building Your First Website?

Your First Website

Do You Know What You Need?

You’ve decided to build a website. But what do you need the website to accomplish? We invite you to consider you might not know what you need, yet. First websites are often an expensive lesson in what not to do.

Urgency Is Your Enemy

Don’t let a sense of urgency rush you into a bad decision. Rather than looking for some low-cost website template, determine what you need first. What role do you want your website to play? Do you want it to build credibility, help close referrals or do you want it to generate traffic from search engines, advertising or content? By addressing these questions first, you can design a mechanism that meets those needs.

How We Help

We start by making sure you’re clear about what you need and understand what you’re getting yourself into. Then we’ll help you prepare and nudge you towards solutions that make sense for you and your business.

You might discover you’re not ready to build a website and would be better served by focusing on fundamental gaps in your selling system. Keyword Research and Value Ladders for example are frequently absent and yet critical to the success of many websites.

Rethink Sales And Marketing

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