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  1. Laurence H. Seton, P.Eng., PMP

    Great article, John. This helped me understand how it fits into the selling model. I’ve also picked up the SPIN Selling Workbook which I hear is a good compliment to the title book. Cheers, Laurence

  2. Laura Watson

    Thanks for writing about this. You first introduced me to SPIN and since then, I use the approach myself and I also highly recommend it to my clients. Thanks for reminding us of this valuable approach!

  3. John Golden

    Thanks John – good article and a very succinct explanation of why SPIN is more relevant than ever.

    Your comments about needing additional components to address other aspects of the sales process are completely correct and Huthwaite now has a SPIN Solution suite of offerings that do so – not sure if you have visited our site lately but you will see them highlighted there.


    John Golden
    CEO Huthwaite

  4. John Watson

    Thanks for your comments John.

    I took your advice and went to your website for an update. I did see that you now offer a more end-to-end solution set. What I could not find was how to access that information. How is this more complete sales program delivered and what does it cover? I would be happy to post more information on my blog once I know more about it.

    John Watson

  5. John, your insights are dead on.

    We see this time and time again, especially in the B2B space. Typically B2B C-Level teams rarely have a marketing lead, hence why marketing becomes an afterthought. This almost always leads to a tactical spin cycle when it is time to tell the world how great the product or service is. That’s why we hear cries for help, rather than requests for advice.

    Our agency has learned the valuable skill of asking “why” as well, because too often, as marketers, we want to appease our new accounts and do what they want, rather than taking the time to find solutions that actually grow their business. “Why” is the most powerful, yet least used question in marketing.

    Great post.

  6. “As entrepreneurs, executives and business owners, our choices affect far more than ourselves.” This is so true and John is right in times like this is can difficult to choose the narrative that is best for us and the people we love. Good article John

  7. This was very helpful, thanks! I just jumped on to a couple of networking groups on MeetUp and it turns out they were BNI groups, which were a complete mystery to me. You’ve provided some great specific ‘screening’ criteria here. I especially liked your’ honest assessment and conclusion that your business was ‘difficult’ to refer. My IT consulting business may be too niche in the same way, and you’ve helped me to focus so that I can make a quick decision on whether to continue on this path. Well done, sir!