Random Acts Of Marketing


Def: “completing one-off marketing tactics, with unclear expectations.”


Random Acts of Marketing are what we call the ineffective practice of buying into the hype about the latest marketing tactics and cure-all solutions.  You could say that hope and wishful thinking is the strategy. These practices are equivalent to buying lottery tickets as your retirement plan.  Not a good idea!

The Random Acts approach is widespread. It’s fuelled by industry hype and the efforts of salespeople pushing you to buy what you don’t need or understand, out of fear or naivety. Unfortunately, the Random Acts of Marketing approach is as common as it’s counterpart  “To Do List Marketing”.

“To Do List Marketing” is when your team focuses on how to spend your marketing budget, rather than implementing a system to produce business outcomes.

The last things you want to engage in are “To Do List” or “Random Acts of Marketing”. Unfortunately, they are the most common approaches, and very likely what you’re doing now. Your alternative is to Invest in Earnings Growth.

To rid your company of these wasteful and ineffective practices, Reach Out, we’re happy to speak with you.