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The Challenge

After 20 years of accessing the internet, people expect to shop for homes and properties online. They want to see and interact with a property to pre-qualify you before they invest in a showhome or site visit.

Unfortunately, if you’re not giving them what they expect, they are one click away from your competition. Your online visitors will leave within seconds and move on to the next website. If you’ve paid for advertising to get them there, you just wasted your money. Not because they weren’t interested, but because you failed to understand their needs and support their decision process.

What’s The Answer?

To justify your advertising expenses, you need people to engage with your content and explore what you have to offer. You need them to inquire and download information and entice them out to see your properties.

The old online brochure approach is no longer enough and people are too busy to come wonder showhome parades for fun. Well some do, but those are not necessarily the buyers you want.

Increase your relevance, reduce advertising costs, shorten your sales cycle times and improve the quality of visitors, by aligning your marketing with search engines and client needs. This makes you easier to find and easier and more attractive to buy from.

Where To Start?

We’ve prepared a series of free marketing eBooks on different aspects of sales and marketing for business owners. They are non-technical and focused on what you need to know. If you’re serious about growing your business, start by reading some of our Free Marketing eBooks and if you like what you read, we’d love to hear from you.

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