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Search Marketing and Advertising


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Video Transcript

Hi I’m John Watson with Accrue Marketing.

We help you start and grow your business by Making The Shift to Investing in Earnings Growth [3].

But what does this mean for search marketing and advertising?

It means you approach your advertising as if it’s an investment portfolio. Each promotional channel is like an asset class with a different purpose in your portfolio. Each channel has a different time horizon with a different risk and reward profile. Just like investing, you track performance and rebalance your asset classes periodically to maximise your return and control your risk.

Yes, we’re still talking about advertising.

Too often with advertising, people get so focused on the how, they neglect the why. It’s easy to get lost in the details and miss the point of why you’re investing in the first place. We look after the why and the how, to help you invest in growth, rather than spending money on random acts of marketing.

Of course, we get down in the weeds with messaging and running campaigns, but we don’t mistake the tools of trade for the goals. We care about the hole, not the drill that creates it. A drill is a tool, a means to an end. Just like search marketing, SEO, or advertising, they’re all tools to drill holes. Ultimately, we’re here to help you grow your company and to maximise your return on your marketing investment.

If you appreciate the difference in approach, Let’s Talk [4] about your goals.