Tech Startup Marketing and Commercialization Support

It's About Commercialization Readiness

It's About Commercialization Readiness

Marketing For Tech Startups

It Starts With Positioning And Storytelling

Tech startups have many different audiences to connect with. You need to recruit and keep your team on track, enroll investors, prepare grant proposals, line up wholesalers and retailers and enroll users and the press.

Positioning And Value Proposition

People need to “get” your positioning and value proposition quickly and easily. They need to find you compelling and share-worthy.

Stories Come Next

Once people understand your key messaging, you want to engage them with your story. The storytelling is not all about you and your innovation. It’s more about why they should care and what’s in your innovation for them.

These stories take on many forms, from articles and whitepapers to videos, case studies, testimonials, investor presentations, press releases, and websites. The same stories are refined for each audience.

Once The Message Is Clear, You Amplify It

Getting the message out is equally complex, due to the range of people you need to communicate with. It’s not just about message clarity, you need to make sure it drives target outcomes as well.

Where To Start

If you’re serious about commercializing your technology, explore our 8-step sales and marketing system development process. It’ll show you the steps involved in building your sales and marketing system.

Starting Points To Consider