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The Design Stage


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Accrue is a marketing company in Calgary, Alberta. More specifically, we’re a sales and marketing coaching and consulting firm for the owners of start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses.  Learn more About Accrue Marketing [2].

Video Transcript

Hi I’m John Watson with Accrue Marketing [3].

The first leg of your business development journey is The Design Stage.

The Design Stage focuses on three things: defining your business, committing to it and mapping your marketing fundamentals.

Defining Your Business is where you:

The second area of focus is Cultivating Commitment.
It’s where we work to address your reasons for not committing to your business.
We use planning and forecasting models, to remove your obstacles to commitment.

The third area of focus is Mapping The Fundamentals of your Marketing Program. It’s a foundation laying exercise.

Your marketing foundation includes things like:

Once you’re clear, committed and have your foundation ready, it’s time to shift to the Build Stage. The Build Stage [4] is where you set up your sales and marketing infrastructure. We like to call it your relationship assembly line.

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