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Advertising & Promotion

Driving Sales And Investment Performance

Advertising and promotion is a huge category including everything from online and traditional print advertising, to radio, out-of-door, signage and more. The focus is on visibility, creating interest and provoking action from your target audience.

Advertising Is High Risk

For small business owners, advertising is a costly and high-risk investment. It is particularly challenging for small businesses because their target audiences tend to be local or narrowly focused. You have to treat advertising more like targeted direct response marketing to make it effective. It’s not something to take on without being extremely well-prepared.

How We Help

We start by getting clear on your business objectives, your target audience, budget and risk tolerance. Next, we model campaign performance and develop a targeted media plan with an acceptable risk profile.

We work backwards from your advertisement to the completed sale, evaluating media options, your offer hierarchy and conversion economics to reduce risk and maximize performance potential.

When the model makes sense, we develop ad creative, landing pages and run test campaigns to validate assumptions and refine the process. The testing and refinement process is iterative, with the goal of maximizing investment performance over time.

If this sounds scientific and methodical, that’s because it is. It’s how we help you capitalize on advertising to grow your business.

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