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Mastering Marketing Book Cover

Mastering Marketing

Leading A Journey Of Becoming

Author: John H. Watson
Publisher: Accrue Performance Marketing
Release Date: January 2020
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 0.75
Pages: 236
First Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9813426-1-0 Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9813426-6-5 Hardcover book
ISBN: 978-0-9813426-2-7 ePub eBook
ISBN: 978-0-9813426-5-8 Mobi eBook
Marketing For Small Business
Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Business Development, Marketing


What Does It Mean?

A Journey Of Becoming

As a business owner, you’re already leading a journey of becoming. The journey is about who you need to become to fulfill your mission and vision.

Your marketing journey is to become a company that systematically reaches, engages, enrolls, retains, and develops long-term relationships with clients.

Why Write This Book?

The Background Story

When I started my first company I was bewildered by marketing. It made no sense to me. I couldn’t find a map to help me understand how all the parts fit together as a system that produced results.

I wrote this marketing book to help entrepreneurs and small business owners wrap their heads around marketing as a system for relationship development and earnings growth.

Core Questions

What Is Mastering Marketing?

It’s a book about marketing leadership. It’s meant to provide a big-picture or systems view of marketing for entrepreneurs and business owners with little background in marketing or business development. It’s meant to serve as a road map to marketing systems development.

How Is This Marketing Book Different?

It’s different in four fundamental ways:

  1. It’s written from a marketing leadership perspective.
  2. Marketing is framed as a series of 20 accountabilities to own and live into.
  3. It assumes a customer-centric business model focused on developing long-term relationships.
  4. The book is intended for start-ups and small to mid-sized business owners.

What’s The Purpose Of This Book?

The purpose is to disrupt the marketing conversation. I want small business owners in particular, to approach marketing as something to live into and become, rather than wasting their time and money on random acts of marketing. I want business owners to take ownership of the process and stop abdicating marketing leadership to their suppliers.

Why Ways Of Being?

I wanted to shift people away from a technology-based or tactics approach to Marketing. Ways of Being are tactic and technology agnostic. They invite you to ask meaningful questions, like “how might we achieve this objective in a way that makes sense for the business”. It’s inclusive and meant to get leaders and their teams talking about meaningful objectives.

Where Can You Buy The Book?

Mastering Marketing is available here on the author’s website. The book is also available on Amazon and many online booksellers.

Press Releases

Announcing Mastering Marketing A New Book By John H. Watson

Calgary, Alberta (PRweb) January 27, 2020.

Accrue Performance Marketing released the book Mastering Marketing: Leading A Journey Of Becoming by John H. Watson.

The marketing book is for entrepreneurs and business owners. It offers a unique marketing leadership perspective designed to shift the marketing conversation from tactics and technologies to developing a leadership and earnings growth platform. Read More

John Watson founder of Accrue Marketing and author of Mastering Marketing.

Author Bio

John H. Watson is the founder of Accrue Performance Marketing Inc. He’s a marketing coach and consultant with over 25 years experience. He helps start-up entrepreneurs and business owners grow companies by leading them on a journey of becoming masterful at marketing.

Publisher Accrue Performance Marketing Inc.

Founded in 2006, Accrue is a full-service marketing coaching and consulting company with a small business focus.

We founded Accrue to be the kind of service partner we wanted to find when we started up. Our focus is leading business owners on their journey of becoming masterful at marketing and business development.