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  • “We have had the good fortune to work with John since 2003 in the development of our web-based business. Because John made the effort to really understand our business, he has been able to produce a website that not only looks great but actually works! By developing quantitative measurements, John’s been able to demonstrate objective data to identify the actual cost of developing new customers. The result is that we are able to produce a predictable return on our investment. His assistance has been a critical component of our success!”

  • “Over the past year, John Watson has helped me take my product from conception to market. At every step of the way, he provided excellent direction and feedback to make sure I stayed focused and on track with my objectives. I have found John to be very well organized and a pleasure to work with but what I found especially powerful was John’s knowledge of how to market through the internet. The success of my initiative is founded on John’s involvement and influence.”

  • “…I have come to rely upon John for the diverse experience and acumen he possesses. I trust him implicitly and have consistently found him to put the needs of our organization first and foremost. He has a strong background in business analysis, profitability models, sales and marketing as well as all things ‘web’ oriented…

    …John is always punctual, reliable and consistently goes the extra mile under his own initiative, qualities that I have come to admire and respect…

    No matter how busy he is, John always gives me the sense that I’m his most important client…”

  • “I have owned advertising agencies for over 30 years. I have worked with John for over 10 years. John is extremely reliable, analytical and logical. He is a very intelligent strategic thinker, an expert at direct marketing and internet marketing. He consistently generates bottom line results for his clients.”

  • “Over the many years that I have had the privilege of working with John, I have always found him to be targeted with his strategy, profound with his observations, and generous with his desire to help others succeed. He is a skillful collaborator who always looks for opportunities to provide a synergistic experience for everyone involved.”

  • “John offers insightful and pragmatic solutions that help his clients better understand and manage. I would not hesitate to recommend John to any business owner who is serious at achieving better results.”

  • “John worked with World ICU to help develop both short and long term strategies for growth. He has an exceptional grasp of abstract concepts and was instrumental in helping to map out a game plan. I would recommend John for any small business or start up trying to find clarity in their approach to a very competitive marketplace.”

  • “I admire John for the passionate and honest way he approaches his work and life. I have had the pleasure of working with him as a client when he was president of AIM and as an employee at Rare Method. He is a fantastic marketing and sales strategist who is goal oriented and results driven. His client’s best interests always come first. I would absolutely recommend John for any startup company, or company looking to start marketing initiatives online, or a company looking to increase their ROI.”

  • “I highly recommend John and his team to any business looking to increase their sales. I’ve worked with them for a few years now and they have provided dramatic results. I consider them to be an extremely valuable addition to my business. Do yourself a favour and find out how they can help you!”

  • “John brings outstanding knowledge, and a unique perspective to the process of creating highly effective marketing strategies. I highly recommend his services.”

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