Sales and Marketing Coaching For Small Business Owners

Helping You Grow Your Business

Helping You Grow Your Business

Sales And Digital Marketing Coaching

For Startup Founders And Business Leaders

Sales and marketing can be time-consuming, counter-intuitive, costly and frustratingly difficult. This complexity is why you want a sales and digital marketing coach to help you navigate, accelerate and de-risk your investment.

It’s Easy To Waste Time And Money

It doesn’t matter if you’re managing sales and marketing in-house or hiring an agency. There’s a high risk of focusing on tactics that get you busy but don’t create results.

Why Is Marketing So Challenging?

There are three common reasons. The first boils down to URGENCY. There’s often a strong desire to get busy making sales. Any progress feels better than stalling or being bogged down in research and planning. More often than not, the result of getting busy is waste. You end up squandering your limited resources on the wrong things or the right things in the wrong order.

The second reason is BIAS. Many people you ask for help need to sell you something to get paid. When you’re unclear on your needs, it’s easy to get sold on the latest and greatest fad tactics and wasteful distractions.

The third reason is a lack of FEEDBACK. As a business leader, getting useful feedback can be extremely challenging. People are afraid to comment, or their feedback reflects their bias or insufficient information. Your coach is often the only one who’ll give you purposeful and actionable feedback and direction.

How Does A Sales and Marketing Coach Help?

Your coach’s first job is to keep you grounded in your purpose, clear on priorities and constraints and focused on doing the right things in the right order to achieve target outcomes.

“It’s about getting you focused and effective in your efforts and investments.”

Next, your coach helps you learn, providing feedback on your work and implementation support if needed. Your coach provides as little or as much support as you need. They will help with planning, offer development, client definition, sales process, technology selection, content creation, process and team development, direction and coordination, and defining KPIs and performance reports. Your coach can provide the same support as an experienced in-house executive.

How Does It Work?

The first step is to get clear on your goals and constraints, the situation, target clients, competitors, and the economics of your sales process. You and your marketing coach establish strategic objectives, define roles and a working rhythm that defines the collaboration.

Some people want a second set of eyes, advice and direction, while others want a more active and hands-on approach. Everyone’s needs and goals differ, and we adapt our approach to fit your goals and budget.

The easiest place to start is to reach out and have a conversation. There’s no pitching or high-pressure sales. Sales and Marketing Coaching is a collaboration, and there needs to be a mutual fit.

What Does Marketing Coaching Cost?

Cost is one of the top reasons people don’t engage a marketing coach. Many coaches are too costly for small business owners.

We keep coaching services affordable. Our monthly coaching starts at $150 and adjusts to suit your goals and timeline. Our low minimum pricing makes coaching accessible when it can have the greatest impact in the early stages of planning and program development.

Marketing Coach or Fractional CMO?

It’s important to determine if you need a coach or if a Fractional CMO is more appropriate. The main difference is speed and cost. You engage a Fractional CMO when you have more to invest, higher risk, want to go faster and require a more hands-on approach. Marketing Coaches are ideal for situations with smaller budgets or where guidance, direction and support are the primary goals.

For a quick primer on the topic, read Coaching + Marketing. To understand our approach in detail, read our book Mastering Marketing. It breaks down the business development process into a sequence of steps to follow.  We also offer a series of free ebooks and helpful articles on our blog to help you take control of your business development process.

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