Marketing Audits, A Vital First Step In performance Improvement

Is Your Marketing On-Track?

Marketing Audits

Impartial Feedback And Direction

Are you frustrated with your marketing, website or advertising? Not sure what to do next? Resist the urge to rebrand, change your homepage, or try some new “hoping for the best” tactic.

A Vital Starting Point

Marketing audits are one of the most valuable investments you can make to improve performance. Why? Because without knowing what’s working and what’s not, you’re wasting your time and money throwing darts at the wall. You need to know what problems need solving.

How We Help

We set the stage by getting clear on your objectives, financial constraints and key competitors. Next, we review your sales funnels and analyse data to determine what is working and not.

Every company has different data available to review. We’ll scale our analysis to fit your business and budget.

The process involves taking stock of your marketing assets. We look at any research you’ve completed, marketing planning documents, brand standards and anything visible to the public. This includes your products, website, social profiles, customer reviews, directory listings, advertising etc. We look at everything affecting sales and the customer’s experience.

We organise our findings into a sales funnel and systems framework to map the flow of your customer’s journey and the economics of the system.  We’ll highlight gaps and identify where change is necessary.

Once we know where to focus, we’ll work with you to prioritise your response.

The main benefit is a shift in how you approach marketing and the laser focus that results.

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