Marketing Audits, A Vital First Step In performance Improvement

Which Problems Need Solving?

Marketing And Website Audits

Know Where To Focus

Are you frustrated with your marketing, website or advertising performance? Not sure what to do next? Resist the urge to rebrand, change your homepage, or try some new “hoping for the best” tactic.

A Vital Starting Point

Marketing audits are one of the most valuable investments you can make to improve performance. Why? Because without knowing what’s working and what’s not, you’ll very likely waste your time and money trying to fix the wrong things. You need to know what problems actually need solving before you get busy improving things.

Audit Limitations

Most of the audit services you’ll find online are automated. They point out errors and omissions to consider. The problem with these audits is they are purely theoretical and narrowly focused. They know nothing about your business, your clients, your sales process or your budget.

Their narrow focus can be part of the problem. They can get you lost in minor details and distract you from addressing core problems.

Types Of Marketing Audits

We split marketing audits up into four groups, Strategic, Website, Campaign and SEO-focused. Strategic audits are the most comprehensive and cover the full marketing, sales and service lifecycle. Our other audits get into more detail in their areas of focus.

Our Approach

The scope of your audit needs to reflect the scale and maturity of your organization. The first step is always to get clear on your needs and objectives. Once the requirements are clear, we’ll develop a plan that aligns with your needs.   

In our comprehensive audits, we look at everything affecting sales and your customer’s experience. We look at any research you’ve completed, strategy documents, marketing plans, keyword demand, your competitors, website statistics, advertising performance, your content, customer reviews, team composition, business processes and more.

Once we’ve reviewed everything, we organise our findings to reflect the different stages of your sales funnel and customer journey. The goal is to highlight the gaps and opportunities where attention is needed most. Once we know where to focus, we’ll report on our findings and recommend remedial action.

The main benefit is the laser focus that results. It’s amazing how effective you can be when you’re addressing core problems.

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