About Mastering Marketing: Leading A Journey Of Becoming

Confused By Marketing?

Now There's A Map To Guide You.

Understand the big picture and chart your way forward with Mastering Marketing.

Discover the 20-Step sequence to follow as you build a system to attract, engage, enroll, retain and develop client relationships by design.

You’ll discover that marketing is not something you buy, it’s something you learn and master. It’s akin to martial arts, where you gain mastery over its many practices in stages.

Take A Look Inside

Read the book’s back cover and the front and back cover flaps. Review the table of contents and read the first chapter, which provides the framing for this marketing book. You’ll see it’s written for small business owners hoping to wrap their heads around marketing and business development as a system, rather than tactics and technologies.


Is This Book For You?

Why Read It?


Mastering Marketing is a book for startup entrepreneurs, individual professionals, small business owners or anyone looking for a big picture understanding of marketing. This marketing book steps you through the leadership thinking necessary to develop an earnings growth program.

What’s an earnings growth program? It’s the system you develop to attract, engage, enroll, retain and develop client relationships.

What Does It Mean?

A Journey Of Becoming


As a business owner, you’re already leading a journey of becoming. The journey is about who you need to become to fulfill your mission and vision.

Your marketing journey is to become a company who systematically reaches, engages, enrolls, retains, and develops long-term relationships with clients.

Why Write This Book?

The Background Story


When I started my first company I was bewildered by marketing. It made no sense to me. I couldn’t find a map to help me understand how all the parts fit together as a system that produced results.

I wrote this marketing book to help entrepreneurs and small business owners wrap their heads around marketing as a system for relationship development and earnings growth.

Mastering Marketing

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Meet The Author John H. Watson

John Watson founder of Accrue Marketing and author of Mastering Marketing.

John H. Watson is the founder of Accrue Performance Marketing Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He’s a marketing coach and consultant with over 25 years experience. He helps start-up entrepreneurs and business owners grow companies by leading them on a journey of becoming masterful at marketing.

He has a passion for multi-disciplinary learning, a love of nature, photography and writing. He’s also a sports bike and high-performance computer enthusiast.

John lives in Calgary with his wife Laura, and his golden retriever Zoe.