Taking Advantage Of Articles And eBooks Yet?

Taking Clients Deeper

Article And eBook Development

To Engage People In Deeper Conversions

Articles and eBooks are among the most important and long-term cost-effective elements of your sales and marketing program.

Engaging In Deeper Conversions

The core value of articles and eBooks is the opportunity to engage people in deeper, more relevant and meaningful conversations. Where most website experiences are measured in seconds, articles and eBooks afford you 5-10 plus minutes to speak directly to client needs and how you address them.

Articles Draw People In

Writing articles to share and promote online serves the purpose of getting attention and initiating relevant conversations. They tend to be shorter, narrower in focus, pragmatic and helpful. They’re meant to get found by search engines, drive traffic to your website and introduce you to people.

eBooks Move People Towards Sales

eBooks are longer and more substantial. They serve as vital first steps in your sales offer hierarchy, meant to increase website conversion rates. They allow you to go deep into the problem/opportunity conversation and set the stage for doing business together.

Both Articles And eBooks Have Long Shelf Lives

A key benefit of investing in articles and eBooks is their longevity. They can work for you for years with only periodic updates.

How We Help

We help you understand the opportunity eBooks and articles represent and determine whether they’re a fit for your business. If they fit, we help you develop a content strategy, and assist in the development, integration and promotion of your content.

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