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eCommerce Catalog Development

Central To Getting Found And Making Sales

One of the most challenging aspects of setting up an eCommerce site is developing and maintaining your catalogue. It’s a complicated and multidisciplinary process. This is especially true if you need to push data to retail partners or sell on marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, where you must conform to industry standards.

Catalogues Are Challenging To Setup

Your eCommerce catalogue structure may seem like a back-end technical issue, but it’s central to operations, search ranking, distribution, fulfillment and sales-effectiveness.

There’s a lot more going on back there in the inner workings of your database than many realize. With SKUs, UPC codes, categories, descriptions, metadata, photography, video, product variations, sizes, weights, dimensions and more, it can be overwhelming to think about. It’s not just about updating the fields. It’s about making sure you’re conforming to industry standards and supporting client information needs as well.

How We Help

We’ll help you set up, renovate or rebuild your eCommerce catalogue to get you ready for business. The process is similar to setting up your chart of accounts in your accounting system, except more multidisciplinary.

Our goal is to prepare and support your team in building or rebuilding an effective and compliant catalogue.

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