Have You Conducted A Competitor Analysis Yet?

Are You Competitive?

Competitive Analysis

Who Or What Are You Up Against?

One of the most common mistakes people make in marketing is ignoring their competitors. When you are one click away from your global competitors, you don’t want your prospective clients more informed about their options than you are.

The Point Of Competitor Analysis

To compete in any business, you need to understand where the competitive bar is set in your industry. Who are you competing with on search engines? Who else is advertising in your category? What are they offering and how do you compare? How easy do they make it to buy from them?

Where are you going to fit into the mix? On what basis will you compete on? Can you afford to play the same game or will you need to rethink your approach?

How We Help?

There are many different ways to conduct competitive research. You can spend a little or a lot on a comprehensive review. We’ll tailor your competitive analysis to fit your situation, risk profile and budget. We often stage the research to spread out the costs and to not get too far ahead of the planning process. Once we complete the research and analysis, we’ll help you interpret and integrate the findings into your planning.

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