Developing Your Content Strategy

Becoming Known, Liked And Trusted

Develop Your Content Strategy

To Reach, Engage And Enroll Target Clients

When you’re making the shift to inbound marketing, your content strategy becomes central to your marketing efforts.

What Is A Content Strategy?

Content strategy is an exercise in advanced empathy. Once you understand your client’s world, you anticipate their needs and put content in their path, like breadcrumbs that lead them to you.

Your content strategy aligns with your client’s pain funnel. It addresses their needs and objectives. It should line up with your offer hierarchy, and it should position you as the expert who can lead people where they want to go.

How We Help

The first step is client definition, where we map out client challenges, needs, goals and search patterns. Then we develop an outline of what content would assist a prospect at different stages in their research and purchase decision process. After that, we develop a plan for creating and distributing content, starting at end of the decision process, and working back to the client’s starting point. Our goal is to make it easy for people to say yes, by eliminating obstacles to doing business together.

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