Are You Designing Your Client's Experience?

What Experience Are You Creating?

What Experience Are You Creating?

Designing Customer Experiences

What Journey Are You Leading?

There are two core dimensions to customer experiences. There is an initial experience and there is a long-term experience. Depending on your business, the experience design process will look entirely different. The same is true for online and offline aspects of your business.

What Is Experience Design?

As you might imagine, this work is about choreographing the experience you intend for your clients. The first goal is to create smooth and effortless experiences that enable people to successfully complete a purchase. This work includes the post-sale experience as well.

Depending on your business, that might be the end of the line. However, if your intent is to develop a long-term relationship with your clients, the long-term experience is in many ways, the most lucrative experience to design.

The long-term experience includes things like customer support, warranties, customer communication, client incentives and promotions, upgrades, parts and services work or account development in a B2B context. It’s about designing an experience to retain and develop accounts, to foster repeat sales, generate good reviews, and get referrals for new business.

How We Help

Depending on your business and your objectives, we approach experience design either from a strategic planning, a process design, or an online use case perspective. Each scenario is quite different. However, our first job is to help you get clear on what you need and lead you through the design process from there.

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