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Keyword Research

Start Speaking Your Client’s Language

Keyword research is one of the first steps you take before engaging in online marketing. Pretty much everything you do online involves targeting specific keywords, hashtags and business categories.

Why Are Keywords So Important?

Keywords are vital, because you use them at the start of so many different initiatives. You use them to:

  • learn the language of your client
  • evaluate online demand
  • identify competitors
  • develop a content strategy and content
  • target paid search campaigns
  • find social influencers and more
Keyword Research Is Not A One-Time Thing

Look at keyword research as something to go back to at several points along the marketing path. Why? Because the research is completed in different ways and levels of detail. Depending on your marketing program, keyword research could be a monthly, weekly or daily activity.

The Most Common Starting Points

The common places to start are for establishing demand for your offering, for competitive analysis, and for learning what language people use to search for and describe what you offer.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with online marketing is using industry jargon versus the language of their clients. The use of jargon can create a linguistic misalignment that prevents people from finding your content.

How We Help

For starters, we’ll explain how keyword research works and how to use it in your business. We’ll get the process started by determining how people search for your type of product or service online. This will frame the opportunity, and we’ll determine how to proceed from there.  Once you see how essential the process is, you may wish to learn how to conduct your own keyword research. If you do, we’ll coach you on how to do your own keyword research.

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