Defining Your Profit Model

Driving Earnings Growth

Defining Your Profit Model

Set The Stage For Earnings Growth

Your profit model is not a budget or a forecast model. It’s more like reducing your business plan down to a formula for how you make money.

Unfamiliar Terminology?

Uncommon or not, understanding and articulating your profit model is vital to sales, marketing and earnings growth.

It’s useful to think of your model like sheet music. Once defined, you use the score to get your team on the same page with how the business works. This helps everyone align their thinking and approach.

Built To Purpose?

Imagine trying to build a sales and marketing program for a business model you don’t understand. How likely is it to work?

The more likely result is what we call, Random Acts of Marketing or To-Do-List Marketing. It’s where a bunch of marketing activities are completed out of context with business needs.

Shifting From Cost To Investment

Once people understand your model, they can start building a machine that maximizes value for clients and earnings for you.

How We Help

We help you define, model and articulate how your profit model works and then identify your sales and marketing program requirements.

Rethink Sales And Marketing

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