Sales Planning For Professionals

I'm Not A Sales Person

Sales Planning For Professionals

Engaged In Complex, Consultative Sales?

A complex sale involves a large, conceptual or intangible purchase. Often, there is more than one person involved in the purchase decision. Your clients are often unclear on their needs and may not fully understand the solution they require or its value.

As a professional, you likely don’t think of yourself as a salesperson. You’re a consultant, advisor, counsellor or similar, right?

Product-based Sales Planning Does Not Fit

You need a sales plan and process that makes sense for you and your clients. It’s not a hard sale either. It’s consultative and often long-term relationship-based.

Your Sales Plan

Sales plans for professionals are somewhat unique as they need to fit into a busy schedule and align with your skills and style. There are common sales lead generation patterns to build on. These patterns include some combination of search marketing, content marketing, seminars, book publishing, networking/community development, reputation management, relationship management, referral programs, board-level volunteering and account development.

How We Help

We’ll work together to develop a sales plan, processes and practices, tools and a management system that makes sense for you and your clients.

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