Wordpress Website Maintenance Services

Is Your WordPress Site Up-To-Date?

WordPress Site Maintenance

Is Your Website Overdue For Some?

When was the last time you applied security updates, upgraded or backed up your WordPress website?

It’s Likely Been A While

The longer your site goes unattended, the more challenging it is to maintain. With almost daily updates available, if you’ve left your updates for more than a few months, there’ll be a bunch of patches, updates and upgrades to apply. The longer you wait, the more complex the maintenance process. The likelihood of a security breach increases as well.

How Much Do You Rely On Your Website?

If you have a simple brochure website, it will need less frequent attention. However, if you have a working website, you need a regular maintenance schedule.

How We Help

At the most basic level, we’ll keep your site up-to-date with security patches, software updates and regular backups. If you’re driving sales leads or operating an e-commerce site, we’ll help you actively manage and optimize for speed, SEO, conversion performance and more.

If you can’t remember the last time anyone updated your website, we’ll have a detailed look and let you know how much love your site needs.

Our Packages

Our most popular support package is $150 per month, but every business and website has different needs and objectives. A small brochure website can often get away with quarterly updates, and larger e-commerce sites need more frequent attention.

┬áIt’s best to start with an assessment and discuss your specific requirements. Then we’ll develop a maintenance, update and optimization program that makes sense for your business.

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