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Search engine marketing is often the most cost-effective place to start marketing. Why? Because that’s where people go to find what you offer. It’s really that simple. If someone is actively looking for what you offer, why would you ignore them in favour of someone who’s not looking?

There are three distinct types of search marketing. These include paid search, organic search (SEO) and local search marketing. All three are important and are best viewed as a continuum to be considered together. Each business needs a different mix of the three search methods.

Our role is to help you understand your needs and to help you plan and implement an appropriate rollout sequence.  Download our free eBook to learn more about search marketing.

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We’ll Help You Make The Shift


Being Sold On Search

Where you're responding to a pitch.


Being Clear And Having A Plan

How to roll out your search marketing program.

The point is, all three types of search marketing are important and serve different purposes. They also have different maturation timelines. It’s important to implement all three in a way that optimises your yield in the short, mid and long term.

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