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Inbound Marketing Is Worth The Read

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Inbound Marketing 

Inbound Marketing is an excellent primer on social media, pay per click marketing, blogs, and lead generation that is surprisingly easy to read.

This book is logically organized and provides a practical overview of the entire social media and Internet marketing process.

What I appreciated most about this book is the straightforward conversation on the most popular tools that we all use, just not as well as we might.

I have recommended this book to dozens of people (even people in their late 60’s and early 70’s) as an excellent primer on the subject and I use this book often to help clients more fully engage in the marketing process.

I highly recommend Inbound Marketing for anyone interested in learning more about Internet marketing in general.

About the Author

John Watson is the president of Accrue Performance Marketing. John is a sales and marketing coach and strategist who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He's consulted to start-ups, business owners and corporate executives since 1993. John's passions include entrepreneurship, digital marketing and customer data analysis, leadership and personal development, writing and photography.

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