Sales and Marketing For Startup Businesses

It's About You Owning Your Marketing

It's About You Owning Your Marketing

Marketing For Startups

Coaching, Consulting And Implementation

Don’t Go It Alone

Everyone needs help to get through the stressful business planning and startup phases. The earlier you get help, the faster you’ll get to profitability and sustainability. Why? Because no one can see the outside of the box, while they’re deep inside of it. You need outsiders to represent your customers’ needs and points of view.

Get Clear On What And Why

Are you clear why you’re starting your business and what you’re hoping to achieve?  It’s easy to get lost in the needs of the company and forget to focus on yourself as a person, as an investor and as a leader.  It’s also important to get clear on your idea and committed to a course of action, so you’re not easily yanked around and pulled off course by everyone’s divergent opinions.

Then Focus On Clients And Sales

Sales and marketing are particularly important in the startup stage because of the challenge in shifting from an internal to an external perspective. You want to focus on client needs to drive sales. It’s too easy to get lost in operations and forget there is no company without clients and sales.

Where To Start?

If you’re serious about growth, explore our 8-step sales and marketing system development process below. It’ll show you the steps involved in developing an integrated sales and marketing system. It’s a way to ensure everything you invest in contributes to your ability to sell and maximize ROI. Sure, there are a lot of steps, but it all scales down to the bootstrap level. Start at Step One and browse the whole sequence to get a sense of where to begin and what’s to come. Our role is to guide you through this process.

Starting Points To Consider