Sales and Marketing For Startup Businesses

Become Relevant, Compelling & Easy To Buy From

Become Relevant, Compelling & Easy To Buy From

Marketing For Startups

It’s About Minimum Viable Everything

Don’t Go It Alone

Everyone needs help through the stressful business planning and startup phases. The earlier you get help, the faster you’ll reach profitability and sustainability. Why? because no one can see the outside of the box while they’re deep inside of it.

Get Clear On What And Why

Are you clear why you’re starting your business and what you’re hoping to achieve?  It’s easy to get lost in the needs of the company and forget to focus on yourself as a person, as an investor and as a leader.  It’s also important to get clear on your idea and committed to a course of action so you’re not easily yanked around and pulled off course by everyone’s divergent opinions.

What We Offer

Guidance, direction, coaching, training and technical assistance in whatever combination you need.

There’s no huge upfront investment and no ongoing commitments. Our business is about guiding and directing people as they design, set up and grow their business. We do this by stepping up and being your partner in business development. Our role evolves along with you.

In the beginning, we focus on creating clarity and determining how the business needs to work. We assist with forecasting, planning and sourcing appropriate technologies. We help set up your selling and promotional systems to drive sales. We track performance, and we refine and optimize your earnings growth.

If all this sounds complicated, it often is. But this complication is exactly why it’s beneficial to work with a guide. Our role is to streamline your learning curve and help you get traction faster than you could on your own.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to follow. Everything is tailored to your goals, needs, budget constraints and pre-existing efforts.

Where To Start?

Request A Free Consultation. If you prefer to read and learn before reaching out, we offer 18 free marketing eBooks and over 40 articles on our blog to help you get started.

Starting Points To Consider