Sales and Marketing Services For Manufacturers.

Enabling Omnichannel Sales

Sales And Marketing For Manufacturers

Are You Selling Direct Or Developing Distribution?

How you market and drive sales depends on what you make and who you’re selling to. From large and complex industrial sales to low-cost consumer goods, the model changes dramatically.

However, you still have to understand your target audience, speak to their needs and manage all the steps and layers between you and your customers. The distance between you and your customers is shrinking fast.

Dealing With Change

More and more the internet has you in direct contact with end-users. It’s no longer just advertising, channel management and warranties. You’re managing communication across the end-user lifecycle while developing and supporting your channel partners.

Where To Focus?

Depending on what you make, you could be dealing with the entire sales and marketing spectrum. You’re likely simultaneously engaged in direct account-based sales and channel development, eCommerce, influencer marketing, online marketplaces and more. And if you’re not, you soon will be.

Where To Start?

If anyone needs good systems and processes to manage sales and marketing, it’s you. Our marketing coaching and fractional CMO service offer direction and support as you adapt your sales and marketing efforts. Request a Free Consultation to learn more.


Starting Points To Consider