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Defining The Reputation You Want

Defining Your Brand

It’s Likely Not What You Expect

Whether you’re creating a personal, corporate or product brand, the process is similar.

What’s Involved In Creating A Brand?

All meaningful brands emerge from a compelling mission, vision, value and purpose. They reflect cultural norms, and they shape the systems and operational processes you implement. Brands can be powerful and inspiring if they are meaningful and authentic.

Your Logo Is Not Your Brand

A logo is an icon that represents your brand. The logo comes to represent your values and the collective customer experience you create over time.

Your Brand Is The Experience You Create For People

Defining a brand is about describing the experience your brand represents in both the short and long term. Brand is almost synonymous with reputation, and your reputation is something you cultivate over time.

How We Help

We help you unpack and articulate what your brand is about, the experience you create for clients, and how you intend to create that experience for everyone.

If you want a logo, that’s a corporate identity project. And yes, branding and identity development projects are often completed together.

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